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Bubbles, Tree Houses, Unusual Nights et Events

Need to renew with nature,

Fancy living an unsual experience and sleep under the stars,

Want to create a unique and magical event,

BubbleTree creates crystal clear haute couture Bubbles and Tree houses.

Choose your Bubble and let the magic happen...

Gamme CristalBubble    Evènementiel

Weekend    La

Gamme CristalBubble




CristalBubble range

Just like a magic wand, transform your natural spaces into real living places: winter garden, wellness lounge and of course temporary accommodation for unique nights…

---> Enter our bubbles


Event range

Bring a touch of originality to your event. Our Bubbles give a new dimension to your receptions, product launches, seminaries, exhibitions, weddings, and other events all year round…

---> Boost your events



Night in a Bubble

Indulge yourself. Spend an unusual night under the stars and live a unique experience in the heart of the nature. Contemplate the milky way comfortably installed in your Bubble. An original gift idea bringing together luxury and nature.

---> Have sweet bubble dreams

Tree houses

Who has never dreamed to admire the beauty of a landscape on 360° down from a tree? Perched top, taste the subdued light by canopy of trees. 

The BubbleTree, a tree house like no others.

---> Climb on our trees



Contactez-nous: Info@bubbleTree.fr   Tel: +33 (0)9 77 37 91 50 ou +33 (0)6 17 97 24 39


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