If you climb a tree, it's to enjoy the splendid point of view and lights. That is why we have created a removable Bubble tree house. BubbleTree : A tree house, but not like the others…



A tree house which adapts itself to its environment


Our tree houses are dedicated to pleasant moments; reading a book, improvising an amazing picnic, creating a panoramic view, taking a nap, observing the nature or spending an unusual night.

The tree house disposes of a retractable sphere. At nightfall or during a nap, the bubble encircles the round platform to offer a cozy bed. In the morning, you fold it up aside to admire the nature´s show all around your bed.




A tree house without construction authorization


Initially, the tree house without walls or rigid roof was designed to encourage a better environmental integration and a larger proximity with nature. This point allows also avoiding construction authorization.


Contactez-nous: Info@bubbleTree.fr   Tel: +33 (0)9 77 37 91 50 ou +33 (0)6 17 97 24 39


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