Bubble GrandSuite

GrandSuite or a nomadic villa

This luxury accommodation is a more spacious version of BubbleSuite. Bubble GrandSuite allows you to create a temporary accommodation of a vast space that can be organized in multiple ways.

GrandSuite includes 4 permutable modules:

  • Entrance module including the dressing room
  • 2 main-room spheres of 4m in diameter (the design of your choice)
  • White bathroom sphere of 2,7m or 3,3m in diameter.


Manifold configurations are possible. It’s up to you to create the unusual luxurious accommodation matching your image.

Dimensions in cm of the main rooms (diameter x diameter at the ground x height):

400 x 350 x 300

Dimensions in cm of the bathroom sphere of 2,7m:

270 x 188 x 230

Dimensions in cm of the bathroom sphere of 3,3m:

330 x 270 x 260

Bubble rooms for leisure and events