Bubble Care Home – BubbleTree EHPAD

Bubble Care Home is a new solution to finally create human contact between families and their relatives in care homes.

Simplicity. Security. Solidarity.

BubbleTree and Pierre Stéphane Dumas propose the Bubble Care Home (BubbleTree EHPAD) to allow to reconnect with elderly relatives in retirement homes.

The Bubble allows to create a humane and convivial space where all senses are brought back again.

The foundations of human interaction like touch and conversation are finally brought back in this situation of sanitary crisis thanks to the transparent film which, from the virological point of view, “divides” the meeting venue in two secure spaces. Still, communication is real. This transparent and thin partition is an almost inexistant but yet reliable sanitary barrier.


Bubble Care Home guarantees safety and security of human interaction in this unhuman pandemic situation. The installation is in compliance with the laws and regulations in application, to name a few: fire-resistance test report, absence of endocrine disruptors (fabrics in conformity with the REACH regulation), wind and loads study, characteristics of anchorage, air renewal, specific treatment UV.

Bubbles are designed for long-term operation. Well-being and cognitives stimulation are among other possible usages of the Bubble post-crisis (contact us for more details). The partition is modular (can be removed and installed back with no sanitary impact).

Contact us: info@bubbletree.fr

About BubbleTree:
BubbleTree, created in 2006 by the French designer Pierre-Stéphane Dumas, has provided a new approach to temporary accommodation for eco-tourism and experiential travel. It is based on the following foundations: minimum energy, minimum material, maximum comfort, and maximum interaction with the environment…
Frameless, Bubbles are made possible by a special turbine that continuously blows in the air to maintain the shape of the structure, refresh air and remove moisture problems. Inside: high quality air, free of dust or mosquitoes, and health beneficial acoustics.




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