FAQ: Frequently asked questions about Bubble Lodges

We have listed here the questions we get asked most often. Click a question to get the answer.

Technicals questions

How does the Bubble stay up?

The Bubble is inflated by a silent turbine that blows in the air. The turbine is necessary to let the Bubble keep its form. It filters and constantly renews the air inside the Bubble, preventing condensation and development of bacteria.

Also, to keep the Bubble’s form, it is necessary that one of the doors of the airlock entrance module be closed. The doors should be opened and then closed one after another to let people come in.

What is the power consumption of the turbine?

The low power consumption turbine needs 55 to 97W. The energy autonomy can be achieved with the use of ecological solutions we can propose and customize for your project. Please consult BubbleTree to get more information.

Is the turbine noisy?

The turbines are very silent (32 to 36dB); above that, they are placed 6m away from the Bubble, soundproof boxes can be used for air blower accessories.

How to install the Bubble?

The Bubble should be put on a flat and drained ground. White gravel or pine bark spread over the floor area are recommended to flatten the surface. Ideally, a wooden floor is also used. If your ground does not meet these requirements, BubbleTree offers (optionally) a modular wooden floor that ensures proper installation of the Bubble.

It is also recommended to place the Bubble in a shadowed area to protect the Bubble from excessive sunlight.

How much time does it take to install the Bubble?

Assembling the Bubble takes less than an hour.

What are the weather conditions to use the Bubble?

The Bubble can be used from 5°C to 40°C. For other weather conditions we have developed specific solutions to adapt our products to hot and cold climates. Please consult BubbleTree to get more information.

Moreover, our products have been conceived to allow heating and air conditioning, and we propose various technical solutions depending on your site and environment, including a range of ecological solutions.

How is the temperature regulated inside the Bubble?

Different solutions are used for heating and air conditioning: a heater inside the Bubble, a system connected to the ventilation tube, ground-coupled heat exchangers for the geothermic solutions, sunshields…  BubbleTree elaborates on the solution matching the requirements of your site.

How is the air inside protected from humidity?

Water evacuation system is used, and the air blower assures evacuation of the condensed steam under normal conditions of use. For the special conditions (high condensation because of large temperature fluctuations or countries with limited water supply) we propose customized solutions.

Does the UV affect the material?

The structures are treated against UV to resist aggressive sun (Also, the materials are certified as difficultly inflammable – M2).

What is the structure’s resistance to the wind?

The Bubbles can accommodate people in the wind up to 70 Km/h.

For the winds under 20 Km/h, the Bubble is attached to the ground by Velcro flaps.

For the winds of 20-70 Km/h, the Bubble is ballasted to the ground.

For the winds exceeding 20 Km/h, the floor should be fixed to the ground by using the following elements:

  • Stakes
  • Ballast
  • Being pegged over a cable threaded through slots in the tabs around the rim of the Bubble at the ground level

How to take care of the Bubble?

The treatment is very simple: no abrasive products are used, the Bubble is washed with clean water or solvent-free window cleaner if needed, then dried with a chamois. It is possible to use white spirit for stains, then wash with clean water.

For how long will the Bubble be used?

Under normal conditions, for at least 5 or 6 seasons of 4-6 months.

Reducing the exposure to aggressive sunlight in the midday hours allows significantly extend the time of use of the transparent parts more affected by excessive UV.

Bubble rooms for leisure and events