7 Event Space Concepts

Negotiation space, VIP lounge, relaxation and well-being

Bringing well-being and sophistication to your event, the Bubbles create intimate event spaces, offer a 360° exposure to the place…

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Product launch, street marketing

Get noticed, incite curiosity, provoke interest and create visibilitythese are the key requirements to a product launch or street marketing site.

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Showroom, catwalk, shooting stage

The mise-en-scène, the scenography, the show make the event. And to nail it, you need to make it visible, at the same time managing accommodation capacity and people circulation.

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Restaurant, bar, cocktail party, soirée, reception

For this type of event space, you will seek ambiance and intimacy. The Bubbles instill serenity and well-being into the guests bringing in a genuine conviviality.

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Incentive, team building

The unusual experience created inside the Bubbles rallies the guests around a project or activity. Within a new and special environment, the Bubbles shape cohesion of a group.

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Meetings, conferences, events

The special acoustics of the sphere makes the Bubbles a unique event space that inspires pleasant and effective communication.

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Temporary accommodation for events

Ephemeral hotel up to 200 beds

To answer the frequently evoked under-capacity of accommodation space proposed by event sites, BubbleTree Event has developed the offer of upscale temporary accommodation.

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Bubble rooms for leisure and events