• new experience
  • Bubble for any kind of adventurers
  • ideal “budget” unusual accommodation

Suitable for any site, TinyBubble can be installed on a hill thanks to pilotis (stilts), as well as in a forest thanks to its unique fixation system (two trees are enough to hang the tent using this system).

With TinyBubble you can camp wherever you like!

Resistant, TinyBubble can be installed throughout a season. It can last over years. Its patented integrated inflatable mattress offers a true comfort of sleeping even without additional mattresses.

You can enjoy a unique night under the stars or hide inside the interior curtains depending on your mood. Convertible, TinyBubble allows to unfold its roof within a couple of minutes to turn into a terrace tanning bed. TinyBubble has manifold accessories for maximum comfort:

  • Aeration, mosquito net, pockets, fixations, interior tent for privacy…
  • Options available: access scale, protection net, mattress…

Despite its compact size (2,16m in diameter), TinyBubble sleeps two people.

TinyBubble is an ideal addition to BubbleSuite allowing to propose a «2+2» accommodation:

  • Travelling with your kids, you’ll enjoy the privacy of your BubbleSuite while reassured your kids fully enjoy their own TinyBubble just next to you.
  • TinyBubble is also a perfect «budget» offer for young couples and adventurers who seek to experience immersion into the nature.

Everybody will love TinyBubble!