Discover BubbleTree’s new range of luxury temporary accommodation BubbleSuite.

To offer you and your guests even more comfort in BubbleSuite, we’ve come up with more brand-new product developments and technical solutions. The unique experience of unusual nights under the stars providing the new level of comfort!

BubbleTree has developed new solutions and innovations for luxury temporary accommodation. Proximity to the nature, minimum impact on the environment, integration with the surrounding sceneries, all easy to install and reinstall.


BUBBLESUITE is a luxury ecotourism accommodation composed of 3 modules: entrance module including the dressing room, main-room sphere of 4m in diameter, and a bathroom sphere of 2,7m, which can also be arranged as a kids’ bedroom.

BubbleSuite luxury temporary accommodation

Get even more comfort with the brand-new BubbleSuite 162!

BUBBLESUITE 162, offers a more spacious main room of 4,35 m (the cozy semitransparent BubbleRoom in standard version), and an entrance tunnel of 0,8 m between the main room and the bathroom. This grand nomadic villa easily accommodates a king-size bed to provide even more comfort!

BubbleTree BubbleSuite

Various configurations with Bubbles of different designs can be arranged on demand – contact us to create your own BubbleSuite!

BubbleTree has developed a full range of technological solutions to ensure the top comfort in different climate conditions (extremely hot or cold, for example). Let us know your project so that we could provide you with the most adapted solution.

Contact us for your BubbleSuite or BubbleSuite 162:

+33 (0) 1 47 32 21 96

Bubble GrandSuite village