BubbleSuite is an upscale bubble tent accommodation with all the comfort.

BubbleSuite is a modular de luxe accommodation composed of 3 elements: entrance tunnel usually used as a dressing room, main room of 4m in diameter, bathroom sphere of 2,7m in diameter. On-demand designs can be proposed to match your needs and your wishes. BubbleSuite possesses an integrated ultra-silent air blowing and ventilation system equipped with a control device allowing to prevent humidity and condensation and to optimize temperature regulation.

The complete sets include entrance tunnel with a wooden framework, three doors, ultra-silent adjustable air blowing system with its connection pipe and connection accessories, grids and filters, as well as an anchorage system (flat and draining surface required to accommodate the Bubble, ideally a wooden deck).

Manifold ventilation and technical openings allow also to put electric cables inside the structure for equipment and lightning. To equip your bubble, BubbleTree proposes many options:

for example, dry toilet, shower and sink furniture, integrated heating, and others. Contact us!

Pierre Stéphane Dumas: 

Composed by two semi-spheres, a pure white and a bright crystal, BubbleRoom evokes the Greek myth on the genesis of humans. Only gods will bear witness to the magic of love that recreates the original being, long ago deprived of its spherical wholeness, and gives to people the divine power.

Plato’s Symposium—myth of the androgynous—380 BC