August 6, 2014, Decoration Digest

Bubble Lodges to discover the whole world.

Meet our Bubbles on this exciting blog on architecture, design and art creations from all over the world. « Crystal bubbles but just any crystal bubbles but an inspiring idea from Pierre Stéphane Dumas and the company BubbleTree who have created a range of enormous bubbles as a new approach to temporary accommodation for leisure and eco-tourism. The idea is based minimum energy, minimum material, maximum comfort, and maximum interaction with the environment. Surprisingly enough the walls have no frame work but the structure is made possible by a special turbine that continuously blows air to maintain the shape of the structure, it also refreshes air and removes moisture problems, while keeping it free from dust and annoying mosquitos. This original idea will enable you to transform your natural spaces into real living spaces, in your gardens, as a wellness lounge and a very original guest accommodation for very unique nights. All of their Bubbles are ready to use. The sphere is provided with an entry airlock with rigid frames, ventilation with filter, a carry bag and a guide of installation, it could not be easier. Scroll down to see some of their models and checkout their web for more information on this unique idea. »

BubbleTree on Decoration Digest (in Spanish)


BubbleTree on Decoration Digest (in English). bubble_lodges_bubblesuite_6